Melosport – Fitness Background

Cycling through Yosemite National Park

Since a young age, callisthenics and plyometrics have been a part of my life thanks to my father. He was a kickfighter (a martial art with roots found in Chinese boxing, Mongolian Wrestling and Kung Fu / Wu Shu — founded by world-renowned Grandmaster Baron Omidi in the late 1960s).

My siblings and I were taught many different, invaluable exercises which we practised religiously during our early years. When we became old enough, we followed in his footsteps, joining the Fight Club which was a hardcore yet brilliant experience.

Much later on, I became the strength and conditioning coach for Waverley Old Boys Football Club in 2008 and a personal trainer. By 2010, and in addition to my conditioning duties, I was appointed football coach within the club’s Premier League setup.

After a three-year sabbatical I returned to the Club in 2015 as Director of Coaching. Halfway through the year, I was appointed Premier League Head Coach. I also coached the Opens of Redham House school with the pinnacle –  coaching a select team to play in the NSW tournament hosted at Football NSW.

My personal career highlight to date was being presented the ESFA Coaches’ Coach of the Year Award by ex-Manchester United, Aston Villa and Socceroos goalkeeper Mark Bosnich — even if he does have an outrageous laugh!

Enjoy Melosport.

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