World Cup 2014: A Round-Up of the Mentalists

An abundance of action, fine goals and a teeny bit of controversy has resulted in a highly entertaining World Cup thus far.

Not to be confused with Simon Baker’s TV Series, this post is more in line with Alan Partridge’s way of thinking, as it merely tackles the 2014 World Cup’s finest fruitcakes to date.

5. Ghana Goalkeeper—Fatau Dauda

Somewhat harsh to be labelled a mentalist, but this clip is worthy of a top-five slot just for the chuckle-factor. Upon saving an effort from Cristiano Ronaldo, Fatau Dauda celebrates with a full-on hip thrust. Don’t get in that man’s way.


4. Ivory Coast Goalkeeper—Boubacar Barry

Emotions and passion run high at World Cups. Some goal celebrations are met with communal Salsa displays, whilst some players feel their goals merit feeble attempts at freestyle gymnastics, as per Miroslav Klose.

Others just turn into goats and eat grass.

When the Ivory Coast scored a vital equaliser against Greece, Barry ran into the back of his goal, showing off a mouthful of turf which he had just gobbled up. As you do.


3. Cameroon Defender—Benoit Assou-Ekotto

Cameroon, quite literally, went down fighting in Group A. Defender Assou-Ekotto took exception to team-mate Benjamin Moukandjo’s lack of defensive cover during their hammering at the hands of Croatia. The Spurs defender decided a friendly headbutt would help express his thoughts.

All this occurred after Cameroon players had threatened to strike regarding appearance money.


2. England Goalkeeper—Joe Hart

Again, another guardian of the sticks enters the charts.

Manchester City stopper Joe Hart demonstrated perfectly what can happen to a man if they haven’t had their Snickers fix for the day.

From being completely spellbound by Andrea Pirlo’s free-kick one second to becoming a raving lunatic the next—nice one Joe…


1. Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan Football Association and throw in Maradona

Where do you begin? Suarez bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini—his third victim during his professional career and has been banned for four months.

The Uruguayan FA however have bewilderingly dismissed this and blamed a tri-nation conspiracy involving England, Italy and Brazil.

No stranger to controversy himself, Maradona claimed the punishment was too harsh—“he didn’t kill anyone”. In that instance Diego, I doubt a four-month ban would be justified….

Suarez’s latest not-so finest moment has resulted in Finnish pranksters wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting public.


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  1. Very good post, Boubacar Barry’s passion also shown with his reaction to the Greek penalty, he just lay motionless on the groudn for about 5 minutes after it went in!

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