About Melosport / FAQ

Welcome to Melosport! Sports and Fitness commentary site.

The name Melosport originated from my Cypriot heritage and is translated as Melo ‘I speak/talk’ in Greek.

Sport articles are largely be based on the hot topics and current affairs of our Beautiful Game. Football has been an intense passion of mine since being knee-high to a grasshopper. Boxingathletics and tennis are also covered plus any other significant sporting news which grab my attention.

My fitness background started around the age of 18, whilst at university. From humble beginnings and odd circumstances, I went on to become a strength and conditioning coach in football and the rest, as they say, is history (see my fitness background article).

The fitness side of Melosport covers Functional Fitness Training and Weight Training in a useful, everyday application of tips, challenges, injury discussions and general advice based on my own experiences and knowledge spanning the last 20 years.

If you would like to contact Melosport with suggestions for future blogging topics / articles or even general feedback, please email the following address – info@melosport.com. You can also follow my Twitter account – @melosport_com

On a lighter note, I have also added a section named You’re ‘aving a laugh?! for comedy value. This will include sport and fitness related anecdotes, picture and video gaffes and, of course, entertaining stories.

Enjoy Melosport!

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  1. hey Savvydinho. Loving the site mate. Will be interesting to see what you write on here IF spurs get a spanking on Sunday!!!! I actually think you’ll win to be honest.

  2. Nice one Sav. So long as there’s no obvious Spurs-bias I’ll certainly come visit frequently to check out the site…good luck to you mate…

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